Europe before the Discovery

Europe before the Discovery - Europe before the Discovery I...

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1/13/10 Europe before the Discovery I. Europe before 1492 A. Renaissance (14 th -16 th c.) Rebirth of learning and knowledge Mainly started in Italy, people went and looked at old empires (Roman, Greek, etc.), people asked questions and wanted to know more B. Political Organization Europe didn’t have many large countries, had many small city-states All had its own king and queen, would fight over shipping ports and land The small areas would start to merge together to form larger kingdoms: this gives more people, more land, and larger armies II. Portugal A. Prince Henry the Navigator (active 1420s – 1460) 3 rd son of king, knew he probably wouldn’t be king Decided he would make a name for himself, he would finance trade and exploration He started a school so that his explorers knew what they were doing; hired best cartographers, ship builders, and sailors to train/help students First focused on North Africa, but wanted India because he knew it had many items people wanted B. Technological Advances New maps (showed ports) <- had people sail along coasts to draw outline of land and plot the ports C. Motivations 1. Missionary Activity He was very religious; always had a missionary on board a ship to evangelize 2. Trade Wanted to find something in Africa or India that he could bring back and sell/trade in Europe III. Spain A. Ferdinand and Isabella Spain had many Muslims (wanted a Catholic nation) and had to get rid of them before they could explore overseas (succeeded in 1492)
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Europe before the Discovery - Europe before the Discovery I...

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