Crown Versus Country Ideology

Crown Versus Country Ideology - Crown Versus Country...

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Crown Versus Country Ideology I. Glorious Revolution A. After English Civil War B. William and Mary Took over after Mary’s father/brother (Parliament chose them since Mary was Protestant) C. Parliament becomes stronger Gains more strength after Mary’s sister takes over, because she was always having children so she couldn’t spend much time ruling D. The Georgians – Foreign Rulers German (George the I & II were still kind of German, but III was English and could relate more to English) ^ Things start to even out between the powers of the crown and Parliament II. Court Party (18 th c.) Support the King no matter what A. Parliament members who support king Support him because they owe the King loyalty because he did something for them Creates a situation where the party would lead to corruption King would pay people (“rotten burrows”) to vote for people to be in Parliament ^ After this you owed King allegiance during your term B. King in turn grants them favors III. Country Ideology (18 th c.) Don’t support the King A. Attacked Parliament and King’s Ministers Very few in England (didn’t want to upset the King) Don’t say anything directly against the King (he is considered above reproach), but they attack his Ministers They do all they can to make people aware of the corruption B. Popular in the Colonies Colonists want to find out the corruption ^ They don’t care about upsetting King because they don’t have a seat in
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Crown Versus Country Ideology - Crown Versus Country...

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