Africa Before the Discovery

Africa Before the Discovery - Africa Before the Discovery...

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Africa Before the “Discovery” I. Key Aspects of West Coast African Civilizations A. Maritime Culture They were able to protect their own coastline Very good sailors, able to produce their own ships similar to European ships ^ This means that the Europeans had to come to terms with the Africans People in Africa could produce for themselves everything that they need (Native Americans couldn’t), so it is hard for the Europeans to find something to trade Europeans find that the best items for trading are items for decorations (ie. Silks, fine swords, etc.) B. Religion 1. Animists Traditional African religions Believed there was a Supreme Being, in complete control, and that some inanimate objects had souls 2. Islam Was there long before Christianity Islam in Africa was different than Islam practiced in Mecca (due to Africans merging their beliefs in with Islam) 3. Christianity Came in mainly with the Portuguese (Prince Henry always sent missionaries with his ships) ^ Had most success in the Kingdom of the Congo, the leader decided to get baptized, and his tribe became Christian The tribe was Catholic, but still different from European because the Africans still mixed their beliefs in C. African Slavery (17 th c.) Slavery was already in place between tribes ^ Had the system in Africa because slaves were the only source of private revenue producing property
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Africa Before the Discovery - Africa Before the Discovery...

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