Hold the dressing in place with one hand to keep it

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Unformatted text preview: dages.   Hold the dressing in place with one hand to keep it Hold from slipping. from Grasp one tail and slide it under the casualty. DRESS AN OPEN ABDOMINAL WOUND DRESS     Reach down on the other side of the casualty, grasp Reach the tail under the casualty, and pull. the Bring the tail up the casualty's side, over the Bring dressing, and to the other side. dressing, Wrap the other tail in the opposite direction. Tie the tails in a nonslip knot on the outer edge of the Tie dressing toward the casualty's side. Do not tie the knot over the wound site. knot ¡ The bandages should be tight enough to keep the dressing from slipping. You should be able to insert two fingers between the knot and the dressing. Elastic gauze bandages over exposed abdominal organs (especially intestines) should be moistened...
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