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If you are in a chemical environment dress the wound

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Unformatted text preview: If you are in a chemical environment, dress the wound without exposing the wound. DRESS AN OPEN ABDOMINAL WOUND DRESS   Position Dislodged Organs, If Applicable If part of an intestine or other organ has been forced If through the wound, use clean, dry material to gently lift the organ. Then position the organ on top of the casualty's abdomen. casualty's ¡ Do not touch the exposed organ with your hands or try to push the organ back into the body. DRESS AN OPEN ABDOMINAL WOUND DRESS   Dress the Wound Open a field dressing and place the white side of the Open dressing over the wound and any protruding organs. dressing ¡ If the field dressing is too small, use clothing, part of a blanket, elastic gauze bandages or similar clean materials as a dressing. ¡ If an object is protruding from the wound, stabilize the object with clean, bulky material and ban...
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