This position helps to prevent further exposure of

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Unformatted text preview: position helps to prevent further exposure of the abdominal organs, lessens pain, and controls shock. controls DRESS AN OPEN ABDOMINAL WOUND DRESS     Locate and Expose Open Abdominal Wound(s) Check the abdominal region for entry and exit Check wounds. Check the back using your hand to feel for wounds. Look for a pool of blood. wounds. If more than one open abdominal wound is found, If treat the more serious wound first. treat Expose the area around the open abdominal wound Expose by removing, cutting, or tearing the clothing around the wound. the DRESS AN OPEN ABDOMINAL WOUND DRESS ¡ If clothing is stuck to the wound, cut or tear around the stuck clothing rather than removing the stuck clothing. ¡ Do not probe, clean, or remove foreign objects from the wound. ...
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