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Unformatted text preview: with I.V. solutions using the appropriate tubing. DRESS AN OPEN ABDOMINAL WOUND DRESS     Dress Other Abdominal Wound(s) If other abdominal wounds are present, dress and If bandage the wounds. bandage Reinforce Dressings If the situation allows and materials are available, If cover the dressing(s) with cravats or strips of cloth. Tie the tails of the reinforcing bandages over the other edge of the field dressing (not over the field dressing knot). dressing ¡ Do not tie any knots over the wound site. MONITOR A CASUALTY WITH AN OPEN MONITOR ABDOMINAL WOUND    Keep the casualty in the knees-up position. Evacuate the casualty as soon as possible. Do not give the casualty anything to eat or drink. ¡ If the casualty asks for water, moisten his lips with a damp cloth.  If you leave the casualty, tell him to stay on his back If with h...
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