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Unformatted text preview: Combat Life Saver Combat Lesson 6 APPLY A DRESSING TO AN OPEN ABDOMINAL WOUND Compiled and edited by, 2LT John C. Miller, PA-C Lesson 6 Lesson APPLY A DRESSING TO AN OPEN ABDOMINAL WOUND INTRODUCTION An open abdominal wound can be caused by the An muscular abdominal wall being penetrated by a bullet, by a stab from a knife, by an object blown from an explosion, or by falling on a sharp object. an APPLY A DRESSING TO AN OPEN APPLY ABDOMINAL WOUND    TASK Identify proper procedures for treating a casualty with Identify an open abdominal wound. an CONDITION Given multiple-choice items pertaining to open Given abdominal wounds. abdominal STANDARD Score 70 or more points on the 100-point written Score pretest. pretest. POSITION A CASUALTY WITH AN OPEN POSITION ABDOMINAL WOUND Position the casualty on his back with his knees up Position (flexed). This...
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