Iron toxicity - Poisoning by Iron Altaf Ansari Beth Israel Medical Center Iron Toxicity 5000 cases of Iron OD per year s 20,000 cases of

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Unformatted text preview: Poisoning by Iron Altaf Ansari Beth Israel Medical Center Iron Toxicity 5000 cases of Iron OD per year s 20,000 cases of multivitamin with Iron per 20,000 year year s Pills fruit flavored s Animal shaped s bottles of up to 250 s Vitamins generally not considered toxic s Iron Toxicity s Relative toxicity of Iron depends on the Relative total amount of elemental Iron total Elemental Iron Equivalents Ferrous sulfate (anhydrous) s Ferrous sulfate (hydrated) s Ferrous gluconate s Ferrous fumarate s Ferrous chloride (anhydrous) s Ferrous chloride (hydrated) s Ferrous carbonate s 37% 20% 12% 33% 44% 28% 12% Dose Related Toxicity <20mg/kg non toxic s 20-60mg/kg moderately toxic s >60 mg/kg severely toxic s 180-300 mg/kg lethal s 30-45 tablets in a 10 kg child is lethal s Question 15 years old girl presents to ED s Suicidal gesture. s Ingested 60 tablets of Ferrous sulfate 300mg s C/O hematemesis and bloody diarrhea once s Embarrassed and remorseful now s Wishes to be discharged home with parents s Question s s s s s s s s Vital signs: BP 96/62, BP HR 108/min, HR R 18/min, 18/min, Temp 98.8 R Temp Pulse Ox 98% RA Pain 2/10 Weight 50 Kg Question What to do? s Ipecac orally. Ipecac s Arrange out patient psyche follow up. s Initiate Deferoxamine therapy. s Obtain abdominal radiographs. s Gastric lavage with Sodium bicarbonate. s Answer Ipecac Contra-indicated s Out-patient Psych. Needs in patient ICU s Deferoxamine. s Abdominal radiographs indicated, not Abdominal helpful if all Iron already absorbed. helpful s Gastric lavage with Bicarb. No data to show Gastric benefits benefits s Why Deferoxamine? Ferrous sulfate=20% elemental Iron s Each tablet = 300mg Iron s Each tab = 300mg X 20% = 60mg Each Elemental Iron Elemental s 60 tablets of Ferrous sulfate 300mg each = s 3600mg Elemental Iron s 3600mg/50 Kg = 72 mg/Kg ingested s Toxicity by Peak Serum Iron Level 50-150 mcg/dl s <350 mcg/dl s 350-500 mcg/dl s >500 mcg/dl >500 lethal lethal s normal none to mild toxicity moderately toxic severely toxic to Risk of Coma by Peak Serum Iron Level <500 mcg/dl s 500-1000 mcg/dl s >1000 mcg/dl s 10% 25% 75% Iron Metabolism 15mg ingested daily s 10% of ingested Fe absorbed daily s Increased ingestion=Increased absorption s Iron Metabolism 1 mg of Fe lost daily through GI mucosa, mg bile, skin and urine bile, s 2 mg of Fe maximum is lost daily even with mg Fe overload Fe s 16 mg of Fe menstrual loss per month 16 s 1.5 mg of Fe per day transferred to fetus s Pathophysiology of Fe Toxicity Direct caustic effect on GI mucosa s Direct myocardial depression s Vasodilatation and increased capillary Vasodilatation permeability permeability s Lactic acidosis, disrupts mitochondrial Lactic oxidative phosphorylation oxidative s Catalyzes lipid peroxidation & free radicals s Stage 1 0-6 hours Nausea,vomiting, diarrhea s upper or lower GI bleeding s Abdominal pain, perforation, peritonitis s Hypotension, tachycardia, shock s Hyperglycemia, leucocytosis, metabolic Hyperglycemia, acidosis acidosis s Stage 2 2-48 hours Apparent recovery s GI symptoms subside s False sense of security!!! s Hyperglycemia, leucocytosis, acidosis Hyperglycemia, persist persist s Stage 3 6-48 hours Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome s Cardiovascular collapse s Cerebral edema s Pulmonary edema s Renal failure s Severe metabolic acidosis, leucocytosis, Severe elevated PT elevated s Stage 4 2-6 days Acute Hepatic Failure s Jaundice s Coma s Abnormal LFTs, Elevated PT, Abnormal Hypoglycemia s Stage 5 2-6 weeks GI scarring s Gastric outlet obstruction s Intestinal obstruction s Diagnosis s Diagnosis of Fe poisoning should always Diagnosis be on clinical grounds! be Ancillary lab help leucocytosis s hyperglycemia, later hypoglycemia s metabolic acidosis s abnormal LFTs s Elevated Lactate s KUB before and after lavage s Serum Fe level >350 mcg/dl s ED Diagnosis of Fe poisoning Be persistent about History s Obtain empty bottles and calculate amount Obtain of elemental Fe ingested of s Serum Fe level at presumed 4 hours, and a Serum second level at 6-8 hours (sustained release?) release?) s Serum Fe level may be normal in Sage 3 s Ancillary tests, and KUB s Treatment of Fe Toxicity Consult Poison Control Early!!! s Airway, breathing, circulation s 2 large bore IVs, cardiac & pulse ox large monitors,oxygen monitors,oxygen s Initial labs including Type and Crossmatch s Gastric Emptying Not neccessary if patient vomited and KUB Not negative negative s Pills may clump together s May erode mucosa and get embeded in sub May mucosa mucosa s Fe bezoars may require endoscopy or Fe Gastrotomy Gastrotomy s Fe Binding in GI Tract No activated charcoal (Poor Fe binding) s Gastric lavage with Bicarbonate, Gastric Phosphosoda or Deferoxamine not recommended recommended s Decrease GI Transit time No emetics or cathartics s Whole Bowel Irrigation with Poly ethylene Whole glycol or PEG-EL or Go-Lytely glycol s Given per NGT s 1.5-2.0 liters per hour in adults s 25 ml/kg/hr in children s Continue for 5 hours or until Continue Effluent=Infusate Effluent=Infusate s Chelation Therapy, Deferoxamine Specific Chelator of Ferric Iron s Fe +Deferoxamine=Ferrioxamine s Ferrioxamine excreted in urine s Ferrioxamine also dialyzable s Limits Fe entry into the cell s Also chelates Intracellular Fe s Deferoxamine 100 mg of Deferoxamine binds with 8.5 mg 100 of elemental Fe. of s May be given IM or IV s IV is the preferred method of administration s Deferoxamine Challange Test Give 50 mg/kg IM upto 1 gram s Ferrioxamine gives “vin rose”color to urine s Compare color of urine pre and post Compare Deferoxamine Deferoxamine s If test Positive, start chelation s If test Negative and no symptoms for 6 hrs, If pt.may be discharged pt.may s Deferoxamine Negative Deferoxamine test by itself does Negative not rule out Fe toxicity not s All the Fe may be intracellular by now s Dose: 15 mg/kg/ hour IV until urine returns Dose: to normal color or toxicity disappears to s Indications for Deferoxamine All symptomatic patients with more than 1 All episode of vomiting or diarrhea episode s All patients with abdominal pain, All hypovolemia, acidosis, lethargy hypovolemia, s KUB with multiple opacities s Even asymptomatic patients with SI 300500 mcg/dl s Pregnancy is not a contra-indication s Deferoxamine , Adverse Reactions Anaphlaxis, or anaphylactoid reactions s Hypotension if given too fast s Optic neuropathy, hearing loss s Thrombocytopenia s ARDS if given for >24 hrs s Deferoxamine, Adverse Reactions Acute renal failure s Yersenia Enterocolitis (growth factor) s Mucormycosis, Pneumocystis (T cell Mucormycosis, depression) depression) s Deferoxamine + Compazine = Coma s Severe Iron Toxicity Exchange transfusion s Charcoal hemoperfusion s Hemofiltration s Hemodialysis after Deferoxamine s Free radical Scavengers:vit C, vitE, Free Sulphdryl groups Sulphdryl s Liver transplant s ...
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