Deforest:Armstrong:Sarnoff - David Sarnoff • Russian...

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The drama behind radio/TV and Lee Deforest, Howard Armstrong, and David Sarnoff Lee DeForest: Amplified the sound Fleming’s work made possble He claimed inventions of others to be his own Inaccurately called himself the “Father of Radio” He headed a lot of crooked companies that took people’s money He was a phony and a con man Howard Armstrong Inventor of FM He was a real genius whose inventions made modern radio possible and increased the sending power He was very ethical and rigid He thought that everyone should be as honest as he was He went into the business of manufacturing FM radios and the equipment for the capability to broadcast FM
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Unformatted text preview: David Sarnoff • Russian immigrant and entrepreneur • He owned his own newspaper stand by 15 years old and employed his brothers and father to work for him • He got a huge ego from this and was pushy • He saw radio as a household utility and created the “Radio Music Box” • He worked for Marconi and with his help he became the president of the most powerful communications company on earth, the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) • He became Armstrong’s enemy and tried to pay Armstrong to get his invention of FM • He had gotten into the business of making AM radio sets and he would lose the money he invested in making them...
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Deforest:Armstrong:Sarnoff - David Sarnoff • Russian...

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