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Sidney Head's definition of mass communication The almost simultaneous reception of identical information through high-speed reproduction and distribution to a large mixed audience at a low unit cost. Wireless Ship Act Made it illegal for an oceangoing ship with more than 50 people to leave port and travel more than 200 miles without a ship-to-ship and ship-to-ship communications set up operated by a trained technician Guglielmo Marconi An Italian born inventor of wireless technology Took out patents on his unique system to transmit dots and dashes of telegraph messages through the air He introduced the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company in America and afterwards, wireless messages could be sent between ships at sea and Marconi wireless stations on the East Coast KDKA The first commercial radio station located on the top of the Westinghouse Building in Pittsburg, PA Radio Act of 1927 Blueprint for how radio should function and what the role of government should be Established a 5-person Federal Radio Commission, out of Washington, DC Took 5 years to hammer out the act and those 5 people would be appointed by the president and have to be accepted by the Senate It established that air waves were a natural resource belonging to the people and being a “unique service” it must be equitably distributed (used fairly and equslly) Communications Act of 1934 Increased the membership to a 7-person Federal Radio Commission
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MassMediaReview - Sidney Head's definition of mass...

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