Chapter1Objectives - o Experimental Systematically...

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Chapter One Objectives: - Theory: set of principles derived from objectives that explain the events of the world o Everyday day life: explanation of the point o Science: help organize research findings and provide valuable guidance for teachers o Useful in two ways: Explain behaviors and events Predict behaviors and events o Constructed: Accumulation of knowledge Research is conducted Related principles form - Research methods o Correlational The process of looking for relationships between variables that enables researchers to predict changes in one on the basis of changes in another without implying a cause-effect relationship between them. Have limitations DO NOT suggest that that one variable causes another Correlation: relationship between two or more variables (positive or negative) Represented quantitatively Range from a positive (1) to negative (-1) Basis of much knowledge known about learning and teaching
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Unformatted text preview: o Experimental Systematically manipulates variables in attempts to determine cause and effect Random Assignment: individual has an equal likelihood of being assigned to either group Assures that the two groups are comparable Clearly describe the treatment of experimental group Consider: Comparability (control vs. experimental) Maximum control of extraneous variables Sample Size Clearly described manipulation of the independent variable -Pedagogical Knowledge o Content Understanding of how to represent topics in a way that make them understandable to learners Understanding what makes specific topics easy or hard to learn Related to content in a specific area o General Understanding essential principles of instruction and classroom management that transcends individual topics or subject matter...
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Chapter1Objectives - o Experimental Systematically...

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