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PGS 101 Exam 1 Study Guide Helpful hint: If a topic was covered in lecture, study your lecture notes. Only if not, study it from the book . All Figures specified in Bio and S/P lectures Wundt, G. Stanley Hall, Titchner, James, Watson, Rogers, Maslow, Freud First honorary psychologist Precursors to psychology Structuralism Functionalism Behavioralism Gestalt Psychology Psychoanalysis Humanistic Psychology Biological Psychology Evolutionary Psychology Cognitive Revolution Transformational factors Qualitative vs Quantitative research Qualitative survey Natural observation Case Study Descriptive research Mean, median, mode, percentages Correlational research Interpreting correlation coefficients Experimental Research IVs and DVs Experimental group Control group Random assignment Choosing appropriate type of research Significance testing Interpreting p-values Phrenology Resting potential Action potential Absolute refractory period Postsynaptic potentials
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