Syllabus - PGS 101 73443, Fall 2011 INTRODUCTORY PSYCHOLOGY...

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INTRODUCTORY PSYCHOLOGY Murdock Hall 201 Dr. Lynda Mae WHO DO I CONTACT? See TAs for : All E-mail Questions, Help w/ PsykTrek cd, Phone Questions, Make-up Tests, Review Tests (after taking), Missing Points, Study Skills Tutoring, Methods Tutoring, To Borrow a Text (in office only), etc. See TAs’ e-mail addresses, phone number, office location & office hour calendar posted on the last page of this syllabus. E-Mail and Phone Questions: Remember with close to 1000 students each semester, all e-mail questions must go to a TA first (e-mail addresses posted on last page of the syllabus). Send your question to any ONE TA (if you send to them all, they will each assume someone else answered). Our TAs are awesome and will bend over backwards to help you. They can usually answer your question promptly and fully, and will respond within 24 business hours. If the question expands their expertise, they will promptly bring it to me. With close to 1000 students each semester, this is the only way I can be available for student questions and issues that require my attention. If you mistakenly send an e-mail to me first instead of your TA, be assured that I will forward it to a TA for you, but that could take an additional 24 business hours, doubling the time before you will receive your response. So for quickest response, send questions directly to a TA. Professor: Dr. Lynda Mae SCOB (Schwada) 136, (480) 965-2265 E-mail: (e-mail questions are forwarded to a TA first, so for the quickest response, send e- mail questions directly to any one of your TAs.) Office hours: J Blackboard: This course is posted on Blackboard! It is your responsibility to keep up weekly on reading the Announcements, printing Handouts to bring to lecture, and monitoring your earned points. Blackboard also includes your points to-date, Study Guides & Lecture Note Outlines (which are not notes, but great outlines for notes), etc. Grading: You must complete 6 research credits (plus make-up any penalties you incur) to qualify for a grade in this course. These research credits are not graded, but if you don’t complete them, you will get an Incomplete in the course instead of a grade (see Research Credit Instructions Handout on Blackboard for exceptions). Don’t mix up Research Credits and Labs – they are completely different assignments! There will be four exams at up to 50 points each (200 possible), and PsykTrek Labs 1-6 and 10, for 5 points each (35 possible), for a total of 235 possible points . Although this class is not available for honors credit, you can earn an A+ if you earn 99% or more of the possible points. 99% & up
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Syllabus - PGS 101 73443, Fall 2011 INTRODUCTORY PSYCHOLOGY...

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