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Unformatted text preview: Conformity and Obedience: • Conformity is defined as going along with peers who have no special right to direct our behavior. • Obedience is defined as compliance with higher authorities in an hierarchical structure. Milgram’s experiments: If ordered to do so, would you give people increasingly painful electric shocks? • Social control can alter people’s behavior. What is deviance? What ­ Violation of widely accepted social norms ­ Exists in every society ­ Different in each society: culturally related ­ Within a society Changes over time Changes with the actor Changes with the situation Changes with the audience Different types of deviance Different •FOLKWAYS - refers to simple everyday norms based on customs, traditions, or etiquette •MORES - norms based on broad social morals whose infraction would generate more serious social condemnation •LAWS - the strongest social norms supported by codified social sanctions Why is it important to study deviance? deviance? -Durkheim: deviance is functional for a society - Clarifies moral boundaries - Reaffirms norms - Promotes social unity - Promotes social change Differential Association Differential ­Edwin Sutherland ­We learn from the groups we associate with ­Family ­Friends, neighborhoods, subcultures ­What we learn ­Values, attitudes ­Techniques, behavior Control Theories Control • Walter Reckless – – Inner controls Outer controls – – – – Commitment Attachments Involvement Beliefs • Travis Hirschi: inner controls socialized by Labeling theory Labeling • Labels become part of our self concept • Rejecting labels: techniques of neutralization – – – – – Denial of responsibility Denial of injury Denial of victim Condemn those giving label Appeal to higher loyalties • Embracing labels: status in the subculture Strain Theory Strain - The American Dream dictates that we pursue the path to riches. -The lack of legitimate opportunities increases the likelihood of turning to a life of crime. ...
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