Peer Review (Ben Hall)

Peer Review (Ben Hall) - Salk, Jonathan COM 225 Mrs....

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Salk, Jonathan COM 225 Mrs. Fleischer 2-17-11 Peer Review (Triathlons) Your topic discussed was excellent. You showed that you were knowledgeable and passionate about your subject. You started off your speech with a personal story of you and your ex-girlfriend’s dad and how he got you into running triathlons. This story caught my attention as well as others in the room. You spoke clearly and eloquently, it was easy to follow along and understand what you were saying. The messages you delivered were right on target. Also you didn’t lollygag and kept your speech informative and filled with facts and with excitement. You used good hand gestures, especially when you spoke about the swimming. As you mentioned, the swimming is difficult because you can get kicked or scratched in the face and you illustrated that with your hands. You showed us how to do proper strokes and how to put on your goggles. Now I know these are simple tasks but the gestures you made with your hands grabbed my attention and kept me interested. Another great technique that you added to your speech was the use of eye contact.
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Peer Review (Ben Hall) - Salk, Jonathan COM 225 Mrs....

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