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Peer Review (Erin McClaffeity)

Peer Review (Erin McClaffeity) - Salk Jonathan COM 225 Peer...

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Salk, Jonathan COM 225 3-8-11 Peer Review (Erin McClaffeity) You started your presentation by showing the audience a video with Puff Daddy marketing and advertising brand name vodka. You got your point of intention across the audience after your first sentence where you stated that many tobacco and liquor products are geared towards underage drinking. This was an excellent technique that helped your persuasion ideology. I liked how you projected your voice loudly so that everyone was able to hear what you were saying. Your voice fluctuated and changed pitch when something excited you. This helped me to see your passion and emphasis on a particular matter. Your voice tone was not dull but rather persuasive. I felt as if you really knew what you were talking about and that were convincing the audience that your point of view was right. I also liked your hand gestures and how you were able to feel comfortable and loose as opposed to being nervous and uptight.
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