Peer Review 2 (Erin McClaffeity)

Peer Review 2 (Erin McClaffeity) - were saying You...

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Salk, Jonathan COM 225 4-14-11 Peer Review (Erin McClaffeity) Your invitational speech topic was great. You engaged the audience into the speech and asked them for their opinion. It was also easier to follow your topic because of the knowledge and passion that you obviously possessed. It seemed less structured and more fluent because of that. Overall, for an invitational speech, yours was fun. Although I find cheerleading or spirit squads a bit boring, you reached out to the audience and explained the difference between the two for those who didn’t know what each team did. You shadowed every aspect of each team and took a real life problem that you are with and invited the audience to help you out with their very own opinions or stories. You listed both the positives and negatives of each decision that you made, and it really allowed the audience to understand the troubles that you are dealing with. You spoke loud, slow, and clear, which allowed everyone to understand what you
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Unformatted text preview: were saying. You weren’t shy or scared and made the speech sound smooth. You even paused a couple of times to give the audience time tot ponder the information that you delivered. There was even one instance where you paused to give a dramatic effect that worked brilliantly. You also glanced at the audience making eye contacted making it seem as if you were talking to me individually as opposed to a large group of people. As great of a speaker that you are, you did use the word um often. It is difficult avoiding this word but for the future just try to use it less often and try to gather your thoughts in a more collaborative manner. Also try not reading off your note cards so much because it got me disinterested when you kept bobbing your head down to tread the note card and then back up to give the information. It made it seem like you were trying too hard. But other than that you did a great job and really invited the audience into your speech....
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Peer Review 2 (Erin McClaffeity) - were saying You...

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