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Self Eval.... - smooth and flowed together very well. I...

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Salk, Jonathan COM 225 4-19-11 Self Evaluation As a whole, I believe that my speech went well. I was eager to deliver the crazy and outrages circumstances that made up my speech. Rather than talking to the audience, I tried to talk with the audience to give it a more of a laid back and amorphous feeling. It was not structured and felt like it was more of a story than a well-organized speech. I felt that this approach helped me to engage the audience into my discussion. I think that my attention grabber, being a humorous statement, got the audiences attention and gathered all their focus towards my direction. The loony and nutty topic gave it a feel that made it less dramatic and less pressurized. Because it was such an outrages topic, I felt more confidant and felt as if I could have left the conversations roam to where ever it took us. I used some good techniques during my speech. My transitions and transformations felt
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Unformatted text preview: smooth and flowed together very well. I organized my thoughts and delivered them in a precise manner. I glanced at the audience periodically trying to make as much eye contact as possible. I also projected my voice across the room so that everyone would hear me. I spoke slowly and clear making it easy to understand my point of view. Although my speech was awesome, I know I misspoke and messed up a couple of times. I used the word um too frequently, and I didn’t use words that would have invited the audience. I also got stuck a few times because I was so worried about getting across my information, that I rushed or skipped valid information that could have interested the audience. but for the few mistakes that I did make, I believe that I delivered a great invitational speech....
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Self Eval.... - smooth and flowed together very well. I...

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