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Self Evaluation 2 - same problem and that we could all get...

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Salk, Jonathan COM 225 Mrs. Fleischer 2-17-11 Self Evaluation When I got up to speak, I felt more confidant and better prepared with valid information to inform the audience with, as opposed to the last speech that I gave. I practice and rehearsed my speech more frequently and tried to really emphasize how important it is to go into a nuclear era. My opener or attention grabber was a question, which I believe had the audience interested and wanting more. My beginning slide and introduction was smooth and precise. I used images and a video to show the audience my point of view. I used words like “we” and “us” to show the audience that we are all on the same team. This is a technique that I believe helped to persuade the audience and make them feel as if they can fix the energy crisis. I made them feel as if we all were apart of the
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Unformatted text preview: same problem and that we could all get out of the situation with the use of nuclear technology. I tried not looking at the slide too often but I did catch myself reading off my note card quiet often. My power point slides and note cards, unfortunately, did not match up together. I felt as if I read one thing on my note-card and then some completely different information on my slide was showing. It was confusing, and at times, through me off. But aside from that, I think I did a good job. I looked at the audience and made eye contact as well as using hand and body gestures. My voice projection was loud and vibrant allowing everyone to hear what I was saying....
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Self Evaluation 2 - same problem and that we could all get...

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