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Robert Young - Robert Young ENG 101 Mrs. Bowling 11-5-10...

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Robert Young ENG 101 Mrs. Bowling 11-5-10 Technology and Schools Has technology helped to jet society and propel the population to further expand upon advances? Or has technology held back the creativity and passion that people search for? The question, about whether technology is good or bad for society, has captured the attention of many, and is more evident in the presence of school districts. An article published in the New York Times argues in favor for advancing technology in schools no matter how young the children are. The author believes that using technology brings the best out of the students. . The Science Leadership Academy advocates the use of technology in classrooms. The academy trusts that communication between students has never been easier because now children can go home and continue class discussions and debate topics outside the classroom simply by using computers. The Internet has created a more isolated and sedentary lifestyle that has possessed and seized the lives of many individuals. Installing new technology into schools will only make the lessons taught in class more difficult to learn. By doing so, not only do students have to learn the current topics being discussed in class, but will also face challenges on using software properly. In the event of a meltdown, caused by low battery, loss of
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Robert Young - Robert Young ENG 101 Mrs. Bowling 11-5-10...

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