Peer Review #2

Peer Review #2 - Rotarius Kelsey Rotarius ENG 102 Baker 3...

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Rotarius Kelsey Rotarius ENG 102, Baker 3 March 2011 Project #2, Proposal Students at Arizona State University face many day to day problems and difficulties. Everything is a hassle, such as getting up in time for an early morning class, or submitting an assignment before it’s due at 11:59 p.m. Most students are full-time, and also have a job on the side. Some students even have to pay for partial, or all, of their own tuition. Maybe their parents or paying for it or they’re on an academic scholarship, but to get right down to the facts: college is an expensive privilege. So why are colleges making it even more expensive for full-time students by tacking on book prices of over $50? Book prices at the college bookstore sky rocket every year, and students are expected to by multiple books for multiple classes at ridiculous amounts of money. Students should not have to pay thousands of dollars for the education, and then an extra thousand a semester for the books to go along with that. The cost of books at Arizona State University is too high and should therefore be lowered. For Business students at Arizona State University it is common to take the class Math 210 (Brief Calculus) and Math 211 (Math for Business Analysis) during either Freshmen or Sophomore year. With the changing advances in technology, the homework required for math classes is now completed and submitted online. This means buying not only a math book, but the online code to actually do the homework. Although the book is not required, the homework access code is. This code alone is $70.00 at the ASU Bookstore. It’s understandable to say that the textbook publishing companies need to sell their books at higher prices to make a profit, but why should students have to pay extra to do the homework? If they don’t buy the code, they can’t do the homework, and then they can’t pass the class.
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Peer Review #2 - Rotarius Kelsey Rotarius ENG 102 Baker 3...

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