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UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering Engineering Economy Project: Engineering Economic Analysis Software Market analyses have been screaming for a product to streamline economic analyses for engineering projects. Your team has decided to build a spreadsheet that accepts inputs from a user, which may include investment and salvage values, depreciation information, loan information, tax information, project horizon, MARR, etc. From these inputs, your engineering economy software is to calculate the after-tax cash flows over the problem horizon. Further, the following calculations are to be made: Present Worth Future Worth Annual Equivalent IRR ERR Payback Period In addition to these output values, the following graphs are to be created:
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Unformatted text preview: PW versus MARR for an appropriate range of MARR values Sensitivity analysis graph (spider plot) for at least one input variable Obviously, a program that is easy to use and displays this information in a user-friendly manner is preferred. Note that the above are MINIMUM requirements as you may display any information you desire to help the decision-maker. You have the opportunity to be very creative. How you receive the user input is up to you. The layout is entirely up to you, the engineering economy software designer. All that is required is that you provide the requested output to the user. Your engineering economy software design team may consist of five (or less) developers....
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