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UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering EIN 4354 Engineering Economy Project: Case Study Your engineering team has been asked to analyze the investment decision described in the attached materials. Research the topic and present a business case as to whether the investment should be made or not. Clearly state and justify all of your assumptions. Your final report should include an executive summary, a problem statement, assumptions, findings, and analyses. Use an appendix for calculations and large amounts of data. READ THE GRADING RUBRIC IN ORDER TO SEE HOW THE REPORT WILL BE GRADED.
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Unformatted text preview: The investment to analyze is described in the attached news article for your team. You will have to research the investment thoroughly to estimate all of the relevant cash flows and pursue your analysis. However, if you feel that your team will not be able to find the necessary information, you have the ability to propose a different investment to analyze. It must be presented by the posted date. Note that your proposal may not be approved, as there are numerous groups which are all analyzing different investments. (That is, your proposed investment may already be assigned to another group.)...
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