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UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering Engineering Economy Project: Evaluation of Automobile Replacement This is an analysis that you can use in your everyday life: replacement of your personal automobile. Here is what you must do: Evaluate the purchase of a new car using estimates of financing, operating, maintenance, insurance, reliability, salvage values and any other relevant data. Evaluate similar costs for a car you currently own. If you do not own one, pretend you do. Using the methods we discussed in the course, evaluate whether you should replace your automobile with the challenger. Upon completion of the analysis, a report must be written which discusses the following
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Unformatted text preview: points: • Provide the anal ysis along with a detailed discussion of the assumptions and justification. • Describe the process used to find and estimate data (provide the sources in a reference list) and include a description of any difficulties that may have been encountered. • Co mment on the evaluation process and whether you feel that it has led you to the right decision. If so, explain why you thought the analysis was correct. If not, explain what you feel was lacking in the analysis and provide a method in which to “fill this gap.” You are to do this final project alone....
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