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Factiva .. 1 of 2 2/20/10 8:39 PM AltAir Fuels Seeking To Raise $200M For Jet Biofuel Refinery By Mara Lemos Stein Of DOW JONES CLEAN TECHNOLOGY INSIGHT 863 words 18 December 2009 11:49 Dow Jones News Service DJ English NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Fresh from securing an agreement to supply jet biofuel to 14 airlines, AltAir Fuels LLC expects to sign up institutional investors early in 2010 to help fund the first of its planned renewable production refineries, Clean Technology Insight has learned. Raising funds to design and build new biofuel plants has proven a challenge for technology developers, not only because of the financing drought that afflicted capital markets for much of this year but also because of the high risk presented by the new, largely unproven conversion technologies. Seattle-based AltAir has what it takes to overcome investors' jitters and raise the estimated $200 million it will need for its facility in Anacortes, Wash., said Tom Todaro, the company's founder and chief executive, in an interview. "The major difference between us and the first-generation of ethanol or biodiesel producers is that our fuel is a true replacement fuel, when it goes into the pipeline, it is molecularly identical to traditional fuels, so there's no need for segregation in pipelines or storage," said Todaro. "And there are two other key components [for AltAir]: The agreement
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Group17_AltAir - Factiva

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