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Project 1 Grading - Report missing one or two critical...

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CATEGORY 20 15 10 5 0 Assumptions Explains and justifies any assumptions made. Lists assumptions without any explanation or justification. No assumptions stated. Completeness Assumptions, analysis and conclusions are all presented with necessary justification. Report lacking in some details. Incomplete work and no conclusion reached. Organization Report contains an introduction, analysis, conclusions and appendix (if necessary). References are included. There is a flow of information from section to section. Messy presentation.
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Unformatted text preview: Report missing one or two critical sections. No organization of ideas or analysis. Analysis Illustrates cash flows for each option, computes true cost of each loan and compares (over a common time frame). Cash flows presented and true cost of loan computed, but errors in calculations. Cash flows computed/presented but no true cost of loan analysis. Data provided in advertisements used for comparison with no additional analysis. No analysis presented. Total Ponts 50 Project 1...
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