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CATEGORY 20 15 10 5 0 Case Study Case study complete with comprehensive executive summary. Case study has all necessary sections but executive summary is not complete. Case study lacking a necessary section. Case study lacking multiple sections. Analysis not presented in case study format. Assumptions Reasonable assumptions stated clearly with justification. Assumptions with justification, but not all reasonable. Assumptions stated but justification lacking. Assumptions stated incompletely and without justification. No assumptions stated. Cash Flow Estimation All operating, maintenance and capital costs and parameters estimated thoroughly using justifiable sources. All operating, maintenance and capital costs estimated thoroughly without any references. Operating, maintenance and capital costs partially estimated. Few parameters estimated.
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Unformatted text preview: No cash flows estimated. Replacement Analysis Analysis considers reasonable options (replacement period flexibility) over reasonable time frame. Analysis considers reasonable options (replacement period flexibility) over unreasonable time frame. Analysis considered limited options over unreasonable time frame. Analysis does not include time value of money. No replacement analysis performed. Conclusions Non-economic factors and multi-attributes fully considered in final decision. Non-economic factors and multi-attributes partially considered in final decision. Final decision acknowledges non-economic factors. Final decision made without considering multiattributes or non-economic factors. No final decision made. Total Points 100 Project 4 (Automobile Replacement)...
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