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ABM_222_First_Day_Questionnaire_Spring_2 - What do you hope...

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ABM 222 Spring 2012 First Day Questionnaire First Day Questionnaire must be submitted via the Angel drop box for the given assignment. The assignment must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. January 17th. Assignments must be submitted as word documents. When submitting assignments they must be submit in the following manner: Your last name and then the assignment description. Example: Zink First Day Questionnaire Spring 2012.doc Name: ________________________________________ 1. Where are you from? 2. What is your current major, and why did you choose it? 3. Why are you taking this course?
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Unformatted text preview: What do you hope to gain from it? 4. What is your general impression of sales as a career area? 5. When do you plan to graduate? 6. What are your career goals? 7. Please list three possible contacts for your PS Ride a long Assignment? 8. Please list three possible people or areas that you will seek out or talk to, to identify your PS Ride a long Sales representative? (i.e. Relatives that work in a particular industry or past places of employment.) 9. Please list three possible items you might use as your product or service for your RSS?...
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