ABM_222_Spring_2012_Schedule - ABM 222 AGRIBUSINESS AND...

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ABM 222 AGRIBUSINESS AND FOOD INDUSTRY SALES GENERAL COURSE OUTLINE AND READING ASSIGNMENTS Spring 2012 Week 1 Jan 8 - Jan 14 10-Jan Lecture Introduction to the Course and General Requirements 12-Jan Lecture Foundation Concepts Readings Pages 1-28 and 469-494 Week 2 Jan 15 - Jan 21 17-Jan Guest Speaker Food Sales Olsen Paramount Coffee 19-Jan Lecture The Buying Process Trends Readings Pages 29-51 and 495-537 17-Jan First Day Questionnaire Due Week 3 Jan 22 - Jan 28 24-Jan Guest Speaker Buyer Caladra Meijer Produce Buyer 26-Jan Lecture The Buying Process Types Buyer Readings Pages 81-118 26-Jan RSS 1 Due – Product/Service Choice Week 4 Jan 29 - Feb 4 31-Jan Lecture Communication and the Sales Process 2-Feb Guest Speaker Ag Sales Woodke Dow Agro Sciences Reading Pages 119-151 2-Feb PSA 1 Due – Salesperson Choice Week 5 Feb 5 - Feb 11 7-Feb Lecture Adaptive Selling 9-Feb Guest Speaker Reading Pages 151-174 9-Feb PSA 2 Due – Contact Report A
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Week 6 Feb 12 - Feb 18 14-Feb Lecture Prospecting and
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ABM_222_Spring_2012_Schedule - ABM 222 AGRIBUSINESS AND...

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