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Memorandum To: All ABM 222 Students From: Larry Zink, Instructor - ABM 222 LTZ Date: January 9, 2012 RE: PS Assignment 2: Contact Report A This memo is to inform you about your next PS assignment, PS Assignment 2: Contact Report A. This assignment is due on Thursday February 9 th , 2012 PS Assignment 2 must be submitted via the Angel drop box for the given assignment. The assignment must be submitted by 11:55 p.m. February 9th. When submitting assignments they must be submitted in the following manner: Your last name and then the assignment description. Example: Zink PS Assignment 2 Spring 2012.doc When completing the assignment please bullet the items as follows as you complete each one. If your salesperson has changed since PS Assignment 1, you will need to provide me with
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Unformatted text preview: the following information: Salesperson's name Salesperson's e-mail address Salesperson's position within the company The name of the salesperson's company Salesperson's Address (including City, State, Zip) Salesperson's phone number Product/service type If your salesperson has not changed from PS assignment 1, then disregard the first part of this memo. All students need to provide me with the following: The date for your PSA ride-a-long Explain what the day will entail If no date has been set, please explain why. What are your plans for setting the date? If you have questions concerning this assignment, please contact me or the Teaching Assistants via email. Good luck with this assignment. 10 points...
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PS_Assignment_2_Contact_Report_A_Spring_ - the following...

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