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Background Form

Background Form - a Only learned the concept in class b...

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Background Form Date __/__/__ This form asks you a few questions about your background and experience. Please fill and send to [email protected] Thank you! General Background Name E-mail Number of Years of Experience in Software Engineering Empirical Studies Experience Please rate your experience in the following activities: For Experience Level use the following scale. 0 = No experience (Leave Extra Information blank) 1 = Classroom experience only On the Extra information column indicate whether you:
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Unformatted text preview: a) Only learned the concept in class b) Used the concept on a homework c) Used the concept on a project 2 =Professional experience Please indicate on the Extra information column the number of projects on which you performed the activity Experience on Empirical Studies Experience Level Extra Information Participating as a Subject Replicating the Experiment Designing the Experiment...
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