PSL250PracticeTest(2008) - PSL 250 Makeup Exam #3, Fall...

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PSL 250 Makeup Exam #3, Fall 2008 Name____________________________________ PID_________________________________ Email____________________________________ 1. ___ left ventricle ____What chamber of the heart pumps blood into the aorta? 2. _____ atria sa node ___Where in the heart is the heartbeat normally started? 3. _____ t wave ______What part of the electrocardiogram shows ventricular repolarization? 4. __ cardiac cycle __What is the term for the time during which the heart is contracting? 5. _____ heart valves ___A heart murmur indicates a problem with what structure(s)? 6. _ Cardiac Output ___________What measurement is the product of stroke volume times heart rate? 7. ___ dominant at rest, when vagus nerve cut, hr increases 70-100 __What is the effect of the parasympathetic neurons on heart rate? 8. _____ connective tissue _____What cell type is the innermost layer of blood vessels made of? 9. ______ 42 female,45 male ______________________What is the average hematocrit, the percentage of red blood cells in blood, in females? 10. ____ alcohol ________________________What substance can help reverse stage one atherosclerosis, the fatty streak formation on the inside of blood vessels? 11. ______
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This note was uploaded on 01/12/2012 for the course PSL 250 taught by Professor Denison during the Fall '08 term at Michigan State University.

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PSL250PracticeTest(2008) - PSL 250 Makeup Exam #3, Fall...

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