Module 3.1Notes - Module 3.1: Skeletal System Directional...

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Module 3.1: Skeletal System Directional terms- superior = toward the head end or upper part of body above, inferior =away from the head end or upper bart of body below, anterio r= toward or at the fron of the body(forward), posterior =toward or at the back of body(behind), medial - toward the middle of body , lateral =away from the middle of the body, proximal = closer to point of origin attachment point of body, distal = farther from the origin of the body part Anatomical position - A standardized method of observing or imaging the body that allows precise and consistent, body erect, feet slightly apart, arms at side, palms foward Functions of Skeletal System - supports against gravity,framework of body,support for organs Bone Classification and Names of Bones - Long Bone = longer than wide, shaft plus 2 expanded ends, classified on shape not size, all bones of the limbs except patella(kneecap), bones of wrist and ankle and finger bones. - Short Bone =roughly cubed shaped, thin compact bone layer surrounding spongy bone mass, bones of wrist and ankle - Flat Bone = thin, flattened and usually a bit curved(scapula,sternum,ribs and most bones of skull) - Irregular Bone= complicated shapes that don’t fit other categories, spongy bone with a layer of compact bone, hip bones and vertebrae, vertebrae column(fetus and infants have 33 separate vertebrae- 5 sarcal bones and coccygel bone fuse during development) Bone Structure - Compact vs. Spongy Bone = regardless of bone type all bones have some arrangement of compact and spongy bone. Compact bone- dense, solid outer layer consisting of repeating patterns of solid bone tissue organized into concentric layers. spongy bone - honeycomb config, config out flat,needle like projections called traveculae packed with red marrow
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Module 3.1Notes - Module 3.1: Skeletal System Directional...

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