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MATH 682 Syllabus Combinatorics and Graph Theory II Course Information Instructor: Name: Jake Wildstrom E-mail address: Phone number: (502)852-5845 (x5845) Office: Natural Sciences Building 231 Office hours: T14:00–15:00, W14:00–15:00, R13:00–14:00 Alternative office hours: T13:00–14:00, W15:00–16:00, R14:00–15:00 or by appt. Lecture: TR 4:00–5:15 PM in Natural Sciences Building 317 Prerequisites: MATH 681. Description: Fundamental topics in Graph Theory and Combinatorics through Ramsey theory and Polya’s theorem respectively. Motivation will be through appropriate applications. Special notes: This course is preparatory to a qualifying exam and will cover several specific objectives for the exam. Specific topics, and past exams, can be seen at ~ pksaho01/Graduate/prelims.html . Texts: No specific texts will be mandated for this class, but the recommended text covering most of the material we will be working through is Doug West’s
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