lect19-runtime-parallel - Runtime Parallelization G....

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Unformatted text preview: Runtime Parallelization G. Agrawal, A. Sussman, and J. Saltz, “An Integrated Runtime and Compile-time Approach for Parallelizing Structured and Block Structured Applications”, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Computing , 6(7), 1995. S.J. Fink, S.R. Kohn, and S.B. Baden, “Ef¡cient Run-time Support for Irregular Block- Structured Applications”, Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing , 50(1), 1998. Notes • Midterm exam next Thursday, Nov. 17 • Group project interim reports due Monday, Nov. 21 • Overview • Compiler-driven: Multiblock Parti • Library-driven: KeLP • Conclusion Outline • Writing good parallel programs for distributed memory systems is hard. • Idea: abstraction on top of message passing to get results • We can do this where communication is regular: block-structured applications • Trade off: reduced performance for reduced effort Overview • Provide HPF-like language enhancements to support block-structured applications • Treat things statically, where we can • Like Fortran D, etc....
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lect19-runtime-parallel - Runtime Parallelization G....

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