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1 of 4 HDCC 105 Term/Team Project: Fall 2011 Due December 8th, checkpoints listed in description below. Short Summary: For this project, there are two options available. Option 1: A team-based project (3-6 students on a team) where you develop something that is “digital-related” and “realistic” – it might be working item or a low-fidelity model with documentation showing how it would work. The project focus needs to be inspired by some element or elements of the course topics. It is OK to use something from an upcoming topic if you are already familiar with it, but be sure you are confident in this. Option 2: A small team-based multimedia report-based project (2-3 students on a team) where you explore a topic from class in greater detail than we have in class and assignments. You will need to research the topic, cite your references, present a lucid argument, provide analysis of the information available, and have a set of conclusions or recommendations at the end; the multimedia site cannot simply be a descriptive summary of information. Project Expectations: u As a general framework, you might think of three different focal points for projects: 1. Digital-technology-centric 2. Societal impact 3. Artistically centered While your project should encompass elements of all three, it might be helpful to have one as the primary focal point as you work. u It is completely acceptable to use an assignment or co-curricular activity as a starting point for developing a large, more involved project. This term project is meant to explore a topic in great depth rather than to look at a shallow breadth of ideas. u While impossible to put an exact amount of time on a project, your project or paper should represent somewhere between 10 and 15 hours of time investment per person. This means that the expectations on a 3-person team will be different than the expectations on a 5-person team. While every member of the team should be thinking about the whole, each member of the team should have a designated roll. Some examples of useful rolls (depending on the type of project) are mentioned below.
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2 of 4 About Working In A Team: u Consider taking “leads” with regard to individual interest and skill sets.
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TermProjectDescription - HDCC 105 Term/Team Project: Fall...

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