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8/31/2011 1 CMSC 106 Introduction to C Programming Instructor: Jan Plane Fall, 2011 Sections 0101 and 0102 The Course Logistics s Course Syllabus s check webpage http://www.cs.umd.edu/class/fall2011/cmsc106 s Course Forum s piazza.com s Tips for Success s Attend all classes and lab sections s Start assignments early s Get help early if you are having trouble s Study every day s it doesn’t work to cram for these exams s ask questions as soon as you realize you are confused s Study Groups - but not on most projects Important things to learn: s The C programming language: s Types of data and ways of storing data. s C language constructs used to perform calculations and manipulate data. s Problem–solving s Program debugging
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8/31/2011 2 Computer Organization s Hardware: physical parts of computer s Monitor, mouse, keyboard s Chips, boards s Cables, cards s etc. s Software: non-physical (“logical”) parts of computer s Programs = instructions for computer to perform Hardware Overview s CPU = central processing unit s Executes the "instructions“ in programs s Main memory = random-access memory = “RAM” s Stores data that CPU accesses, including instructions s FAST, but temporary; wiped out when computer is shut off! s Secondary memory : Hard disks, CDs, DVDs, flash memory, etc. s Stores data that can be loaded into main memory s SLOWER, but permanent s I/O devices s How you communicate with your machine s Keyboard, monitor, mouse, speakers, etc. s Networking equipment s How others communicate with your machine s Networking “cards”, cables, etc.
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01introSmall - 8/31/2011 CMSC 106 Introduction to C...

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