12DynamicArraysSmall - items you want in the array s Second...

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1 CMSC 106 Lecture Set #12 – Dynamically Allocated Arrays Set Started: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 Pointers and Arrays s Name of an Array = Address of 0 th element s Can use pointers to indicate other elements of the array s Can use pointer arithmetic to traverse an array s When an array is passed as the argument to a function – only the address indicated is passed Statically allocated array s char name[] = “Jandelyn”; s int sizes[5] = {4,6,2,4,8}; s double scores[10]; s Name of array is a constant pointer scores++; name+=2; *(name+2) = ‘z’;
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2 Filling statically allocated array s Size of array must be known at COMPILE time s Always stays the same size (can use only a portion of the allocated space if you wish) s Must make sure you stay “in bounds” Dynamically allocating space s calloc s First argument must indicate the number of
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Unformatted text preview: items you want in the array s Second argument must indicate the size of one of those array items s Allocates a single sequential and contiguous block of memory of the size needed s Returns NULL if the request can’t be fulfilled s Returns the Address of that space if it can be Rules s Space is allocated from a place called the heap s Once allocated, the size is fixed (can’t change size and remain at that location in memory) s The space is sequential and contiguous so can still use array index or pointer method (exactly the same as a statically allocated array) s The name of the Array is NOT CONSTANT – but be careful not to lose the location of the beginning of the array s Once allocated and you are done using it, the space must be freed...
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12DynamicArraysSmall - items you want in the array s Second...

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