p5 - CMSC 106 Project #5 Fall 2011 Due date: Monday,...

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Unformatted text preview: CMSC 106 Project #5 Fall 2011 Due date: Monday, December 12, 2011 - 11:00pm 1 Purpose In this project you will write a program using structures and file input. You will be running a grocery store. It involves maintaining an inventory (an array of Items) and processing a shopping list (an array of Items) to see how much you can sell to the individual. You will have a structure called an Item which is defined in the shopping.h file. The item contains a name, a quantity on hand and a price for a single instance of that item. When this item appears in the inventory list, all three fields are needed, but when it appears in a shopping list, the price will be 0 (since people shopping dont get to set the price for the item they want to buy). 2 Project description As you read this section, you may also want to look at the public files and their corresponding output files. The input files are also included an noted in comments at the top of each test file. You will want to create additional input files and possibly additional test files, too. Do not modify the shoppingHelpers.c file included. No shoppingMain.c file is included - you should create one to test all of the parts together and to make it easier to change which input file is being used for inventory and which for the shopping list. All code you write should be in shopping.c . The output of each of the public source file must match the corresponding output file exactly....
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p5 - CMSC 106 Project #5 Fall 2011 Due date: Monday,...

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