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cheat sheat final - Mountains Measurements taken over the...

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Mountains Measurements taken over the last several decades on high mountains reveal that atmospheric CO2 is def. increasing. Desert Most deserts are located near 30 degrees N and S because this is the area where air masses are sinking. Causes of deserts on Earth are: rain shadow, great distance from the ocean, descending air, and proximity to cold ocean currents. Climate Melting of the ice sheets of Greenland would raise global sea level by 5-7 meters. The Pleistocene Ice Age started about 1.8 million years ago. The Milankovitch theory for climate predicts oscillations on a time scale of 20,000 to 100,000 years. The surface temp of Venus and Earth are well above what can be explained by their distance from the Sun. The other factor that most significantly contributes to elevated surface temps for these planets is the presence of greenhouse gases, like CO2. Western Europe's relatively mild climate considering its latitudinal position is due to the warm Atlantic Ocean currents flowing from the S. The troposphere is the lowest layer, with the stratosphere beginning above 10,000 meters altitude. Global carbon emissions from fossil-fuel burning increased most rapidly after about 1940 when gasoline-powered vehicles became widespread. The Milankovitch theory of the cause of ice ages involves oscillations in orbital parameters of Earth, leading to changes in solar heating. During an El Nino period the weather would be expected to become unusually dry in Indonesia and unusually wet in the southwest USA. Since 1900, the global average temp. has increased by approximately .8 degrees Celsius. The popular names El Nino and La Nina refer to climate phenomena that represent opposite-sense deviations of climate between the tropics. Increased atmospheric CO2 and decreased dust leads to the largest increase in average global temps. Major asteroid impacts can cause a worldwide environmental catastrophe mainly by sending large amounts of dust to high altitudes, blocking sunlight for months. An important process that allows the use of oxygen isotopes to study past climate is that water containing oxygen-18 evaporates from the ocean less readily, and falls out of clouds as rain or snow more readily, than water containing oxygen-16. Over the last 2 million years, the ice sheets of the n. hemisphere advanced
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cheat sheat final - Mountains Measurements taken over the...

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