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CMSC 122 Quiz 3 Worksheet Quiz #3 for the course will be on Wednesday, Nov 2 at the beginning of the class. The following list provides more information about the quiz: The quiz will be a written quiz (no computer). Closed book, closed notes quiz. Answers must be neat and legible. You must use a pencil (NOT PEN). Check the information available at The following exercises cover the material to be included in this quiz. Solutions to these exercises will not be provided, but you are welcome to discuss your solutions with the TA or instructor during office hours. When ask to write JavaScript code only provide what will appear in the <script> </script> section (no need for <html>, <head>, <body>, or DOCTYPE). We recommend you answer the problems on paper first, and then verify your solutions using the computer. Exercises 1. What is a global variable? 2.
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