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Physical Geology 101 1 16. Metamorphic Rocks II (p. 233-242) Causes of Metamorphism The two main processes that occur within a rock during metamorphism are: ______________________: physical processes like squeezing and crushing - caused by strong forces (causes a _____________) ______________________: changes in mineral chemistry / growth of new minerals from old ones. Can these two processes occur together at the same time? YES or NO The six main driving mechanisms (types of metamorphism) for the above metamorphic processes are: ________________ metamorphism (aka _____________ metamorphism) ________________ metamorphism ________________ metamorphism ________________ metamorphism ________________ metamorphism (aka _____________ metamorphism) ________________ metamorphism along fault zones 1. Contact or Thermal Metamorphism Contact metamorphism occurs around an ________________________. The heat of the intrusion radiates out and metamorphoses the rocks in contact with the intrusion, called host rocks or ______________________. The region of metamorphosed rock around an intrusion is called an ________________. Contact metamorphism occurs around all types of igneous intrusions, regardless of their size. Examples: _______________________________________________________ Effect of intrusion size: The larger the intrusion, the wider the zone of metamorphism around the intrusion. Batholiths can metamorphose rocks over a distance of ____________ ____________________ away from the batholith. Dikes and sills may only have aureoles _________________________ wide. What other three factors may influence the size of an aureole? 1. ___________________________________ 2. ___________________________________ 3. ___________________________________
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Physical Geology 101 2 Which type of magma produces the widest aureoles, and why? Type: ___________________ Reason: ___________________________________________________ Temperature is more of a factor than pressure around an intrusion. So which type of metamorphic process is most commonly associated with contact metamorphism? mechanical deformation OR mineral recrystallization?
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metamorphicII - Physical Geology 101 16. Metamorphic Rocks...

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