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Physical Geology 101 1 15. Metamorphic Rocks I (p. 223-233) New Rocks from Old What is the Greek origin of the word metamorphism? “meta” means _________________; “morphe” means __________________. Definition: metamorphism refers to all the changes that occur in the minerals, chemistry, and structure of solid rocks as a result of the physical and chemical conditions deep in the crust. So metamorphism involves changing existing rocks to make new ones. This is different to igneous and sedimentary rock processes: Igneous rocks: made from molten magma or lava. Sedimentary rocks: diagenesis is the lithification process that binds the particles of sediment together to form rock. When rocks undergo metamorphism, we say that they have been ______________________. Does metamorphism involve any rock melting? YES or NO ? Changes that occur during metamorphism: _______________: existing minerals convert into new minerals _______________: minerals change their appearance because of the forces that are involved in metamorphism. Depth of Metamorphism Metamorphic rocks form in the Earth's crust underneath where sedimentary rocks form near the surface (i.e. where the process called ________________ occurs), but above the depths where magma begins to form through the process of __________________ (where present). The depth range of metamorphism will thus depend on the local ____________________________. What is the lower temperature limit of metamorphism? ______________ What is the deepest depth (approximately) that diagenesis occurs? ______________ Pressures at this depth are more than ____________ times greater than atmospheric. We have to have high enough pressures AND temperatures for metamorphism to occur, by recrystallization (the growth of new minerals). What is the upper temperature limit of metamorphism? ___________________
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Physical Geology 101 2 What mineral starts to melt at this temperature, if present in the rock? _____________________ The three grades of metamorphism are: ___________________ (only occurs at shallower depths than ___________) ___________________ ___________________ Do
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metamorphicI - Physical Geology 101 15. Metamorphic Rocks I...

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