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COM 135 Basic Expectations for Rhetorical Analysis Paper Professor Maura Dianne Burke Professor Burke expects papers to be turned in on time and to conform to the following standards. Your paper should conform to APA or MLA style and should be written using an academic tone. If you are confused about APA or MLA formatting and style please refer to the Purdue Owl Website ( ). As college students your papers should not contain any spelling errors and should contain minimal or no grammatical errors. Additionally, as college students, language use, formatting and writing style should reflect your level of education.
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Unformatted text preview: Follow this checklist BEFORE turning in your paper: I have spell checked my paper. My paper is between 4-6 pages long. I used either Arial or Times New Roman font. I used size 11 or 12 font. My paper is double spaced. I have accurately cited all sources. I have consistently used the same tense throughout my paper. I have proofread and had a friend/parent etc. proofread my paper . I have attached the grading rubric to my paper My paper is printed in black or dark blue ink. I have stapled my paper and my rubric along with my speech transcript all in ONE stapled packet (paper clips are NOT OK)....
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