COM 135 Final Exam Review S 11

COM 135 Final Exam Review S 11 - COM 135 Final Exam Review...

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COM 135 Final Exam Review Sheet The final exam will cover chapters 4, 7, 8, 12, 16, 17, refutational speaking and rhetorical analysis as well as main concepts from the first half of the class. You may also find the review questions, vocabulary tools, and other learning tools found in Course Compass/MySpeechLab useful in reviewing for the exam. Be prepared to explain and apply the concepts below: Chapter 4 Know the effective listening process (select, attend, understand, remember) Know the ways to become a better listener Know what critical listening is and how it is connected to critical thinking Know the barriers to effective listening Know what is involved in analyzing and evaluating speeches Know how to evaluate web sites, evidence, and supporting material Know and be able to distinguish between the different types of supporting material and when to use each Chapter 12 Explain the differences between oral and written language styles Explain the different ways to use language effectively Know how to adapt your language style to diverse listeners Explain terms used to create figurative language, drama and cadence Chapter 16 Explain how persuasion works Differentiate attitudes, beliefs, and values Understand, explain and be able to apply the elaboration likelihood model (ELM) of persuasion, dissonance theory
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COM 135 Final Exam Review S 11 - COM 135 Final Exam Review...

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