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Possible Final Exam Questions Romanticism 1. Compare and contrast identity in “Bartleby, the Scrivener” and “The Minister’s Black Veil.” 2. Explore Hawthorne’s use of symbol in his “Young Goodman Brown” and/or “Ministers Black Veil.” 3. Define key concepts of Romanticism and apply them to one of Hawthorne’s or Melville’s works. 4. Examine the themes of sin and guilt in Hawthorne’s short stories. 5. Analyze Hawthorne’s use of ambiguity in his short stories. Gothicism 1. Explain the contrasting Enlightenment and Romantic values in “The Raven” and the clash between logic and emotion. 2. How is Gothic writing similar and different from Romantic writing? Examine Poe’s works to demonstrate these aspects. 3. Analyze the settings in Poe’s works as an exploration of inner landscape and
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Unformatted text preview: overall themes that resonate in Gothic literature. Transcendentalism 1. What does Nature represent to both Emerson and Thoreau? 2. Analyze the concept of Romantic Individualism of the Transcendental movement in the works of Emerson and/or Thoreau. 3. How could Emerson and/or Thoreau’s writings be ironic or hypocritical? Slavery and Freedom 1. How does Douglass develop as a character in his narrative and how does this relate to his claims about slavery? 2. Analyze Narrative as a Slave use of as a powerful argument for the abolitionist movement. 3. In what ways does Narrative of a Slave apply yet complicate the concepts of Transcendentalism?...
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