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Philosophical anarchism: The view that there is no duty to obey the state, and that the State is not morally legitimate We should be careful, first and foremost, to distinguish this view from other views that might be called “anarchist”. The philosophical anarchist position does not endorse overthrowing the state, nor does it say anything about any particular response that we ought to have to the existence of certain states. Contemporary philosophical anarchist John Simmons claims that “Philosophical anarchists hold that there are good reasons not to oppose or disrupt at least some kinds of illegitimate states, reasons that outweigh any right or obligation of opposition. The practical stance with respect to the state, the philosophical anarchist maintains, should be one of careful consideration and thoughtful weighing of all the reasons that bear on action in a particular set of circumstances.” Cited in Wetman, Cristopher Heath. Is There a Duty to Obey the Law? Cambridge University Press. 2005. pp. 24-25. We’ll be looking at some arguments for the main PA position a little later on, but for now it will be of interest to say what advocates of PA might have to say about the State of
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anarchismnotes - Philosophical anarchism: The view that...

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