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Unformatted text preview: Name:____________________ PHIL002: Introduction to PhilosophyMorals and Politics Film Journal: A Clockwork Orange As we watch the film this week, Id like you to consider some philosophical questions and problems that it raises. Ive offered a few questions to complement each days viewing. Please write down your comments and thoughts on these questions on the evening corresponding to the appropriate viewing day. This will serve as a journal to collect thoughts and ideas as we prepare for a thorough discussion of the film next week. The idea here is not to create rigorous essays, but rather to collect your thoughts. Spend time thinking the questions over, but dont worry about stylistic considerations (grammar, etc.) here. Section 1: Choose one of Alexs acts of ultra-violence and evaluate it from a utilitarian perspective. Then evaluate it from a Nietzschean perspective. Do you think that Mill and Nietzsche will have similar attitudes toward Alex, or will their views differ? Section 2:...
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filmjournal_clockworkorange - Name:____________________...

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