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PHIL02 Introduction to Philosophy: Morals and Politics Final Paper Assignment Provide a clear and concise response to one of the following prompts in a 4-6 page paper (1000-1500 words): 1. Philosophical anarchists attempt to persuade us that we have no obligations to the state. While Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau disagree about several aspects of the state of nature, they agree in their rejection of the account given by philosophical anarchism. First, describe the fundamental disagreement between philosophical anarchists and supporters of the State. Then, argue for or against the sustainability of the anarchist version of the state of nature. Your paper should address the following considerations: -Wolff argues that “nothing genuinely worthy of being called a state of nature will, at least in the long term, be a condition in which human beings can flourish” (p. 33). Do you agree with him? Why? (Here, you’ll want to address Hobbes, Locke and/or Rousseau) -Is there any other way in which anarchists might argue that the state is not legitimate? Do these arguments succeed? (Here, you’ll want to address the anarchist arguments discussed in chapter 2 of the Wolff text) 2. In the film A Clockwork Orange , Alex is subjected to a peculiar form of punishment for behavior that is deemed unacceptable by his government. First, use at least two of the moral theories we’ve examined to assess the morality of Alex’s behavior in the first half of the film. Then, discuss whether or not you think that his punishment is compatible with a morally
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phil02finalpaperassignment - PHIL02 Introduction to...

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